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News from Friendly Campers!

                                                               The fourth day of Language Camp

The fourth day was full of events.

The 1st of June - International day for Protection children – a wonderful holiday of joy and hope.

Firstly, we participated in flesh mob “ Happy Childhood” . Then, we watched the performance about traffic rules with Dzidzio in main role.

We were divided into groups of two, listened to different chants and then played them in pairs. These games were both educational and fun.

In the afternoon we took part in the quest competition “Treasure Island” . Children happily and excitely overcome obstacles on their way to leadership. Everyone realized that it is important to be united and friendly.

Finally, we created the Peace Messages “ One world! One heart beating!, “ No War” to children and adults to live in Peace, Harmony, and Friendship!

Our feelings were soft and friendly!


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